Looking for a photographer for an upcoming event in Dorset or Hampshire? ANS can help you out.
Dog shows, showjumping, kids’ golf and corporate away days – these are just some of the types of events that we have covered in our time.
From the first to the last activities of the day, our photography is as unobtrusive and comprehensive as possible and quickly made available for all to view.
We offer a modern, user-friendly experience with iPads, screens and a seating area in order to give customers the freedom to look at their photos on their own stead. Onsite printing allows for participants to take their photos home on the day they were taken and indeed we offer a vast range of photo formats from keyrings and fridge magnets to mounted prints and glass frames (with larger glass frames and canvases available for mail order).
With our self-contained trailer setup, we come prepared for any and all conditions, and if mains aren’t available, that’s no trouble – everything we use can be powered by generator.
To complete the experience, all photos are usually made available for viewing online within 24 hours of the event finishing, providing our customers with further purchasing options.
If you think your event would benefit from ANS’s services, please contact us at …